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... the shoots that artfully capture your fun, messy, un-curated life, doing all that you love with the ones you love.

Are you a working mom who  doesn't quite know what to wear to the session? The mama who rocks comfy clothes while exploring and adventuring with her hubby and kiddos on the weekends? The wife who loves coming home the most, even though it might be to home that's a tad messy with toys and board games from family game time the night before?

Let me be the one to help you decide what to wear, to give you tips and tricks and to spend time with you and your loves, in your space where you are all most comfortable. I'll capture YOU all doing what you love doing. It's so simple and something the whole family will enjoy, I promise!

Zara's 1st Birthday Party

I love capturing the way your little girl snuggles into your chest, with her tired eyes. And the way you lean over her crib to touch her sweet face, her tiny fingers and toes. I love documenting and chasing your active boys with their tiny, muddy toes from their adventures playing with creatures and finding treasures. These are the little, quiet (or maybe not so quiet), everyday moments you will always want to remember.


Soon your littles will be driving, getting married and starting a family of their own. Currently it seems like your kiddos will never learn how to do a dish, or pick up after themselves, but in the blink of an eye they will be heading off to college or traveling the world. And you'll be left with the faint memories of a time that once was. These photographs will be what you laugh at with your grown children and your sweet little grand babies. As you flip through the pages, you will laugh at all the mischief they got into and tell stories of the past. You will fondly look back on your starter home and remember every little thing you fixed-up and painted. As well as the hours and hours spent cleaning and picking up those toys. 

In home session, Emily & Jarrod & Ambrose, Las Vegas Downtown Condo
In home session, Emily & Jarrod & Ambrose, Las Vegas Downtown Condo
  • Lincoln's First Birthday Mt  Charleston, Las Vegas-8953
  • Lincoln's First Birthday Mt  Charleston, Las Vegas-1194
  • Lincoln's First Birthday Mt  Charleston, Las Vegas-8862
  • Lincoln's First Birthday Mt  Charleston, Las Vegas-1289
Lincoln's First Birthday Mt  Charleston, Las Vegas-8721

Photo shoots can be fun, relaxed and easy, I promise! Let me help you! And in the end you'll have beautiful, artsy memories full of emotion and love! Email me - today. I'd love to hear your ideas and how we can make your shoot all about these little moments, the ones you want to cherish now and for years to come. 

I'm so excited to meet you and capture your story!

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