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5 Reason to Choose A Wedding Gown with Movement

Wedding gowns come in all shapes, colors, fabrics, and textures: like a beaded bodice or intricate lace. And the beautiful thing is that there’s a dress out there for everyone. Wedding gowns with movement and flowy skirts are a growing trend in the wedding industry. These free-flowing gowns kick up when you run, these dresses sway in the wind, they swish and fold so imperfectly. Are you trying to decide if a dress like this stunning Leanne Marshall gown, is right for you?

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Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider a dress that moves:

1. Interest

Movement adds interest to your wedding photos. We’ve all seen photos that are still and rather boring. Nothing is moving, everything seems perfectly placed, the subjects look awkward and it feels forced. Who wants to look stiff and forced in their photos? No thank you. Your wedding gown is the perfect way to add movement to your images. The gown sways and folds with the wind creating interest and beauty. The way the dress folds and gracefully hangs creates shadows within the gown and on the ground. It’s so beautiful and eye-catching.

2. Comfort

You can move easier and dress that are less structured are more comfortable. When you are wearing a gown that you feel beautiful and comfortable in, that’s the perfect combination. When you can move, you’re not restricted and you’re able to dance with your love, kick your dress up, pull it up and run across the desert, run through a forest and have fun! Because your wedding day should be FUN!

3. Posing

There are more options and poses. There are so many more poses you can do with a dress that has movement. You can grab a bit of it and swish it. You can pull all of it up and show off your sexy legs. You can twirl and watch it kick up. You can let the wind take it and create movement as you look into your love’s eyes and kiss at sunset. Movement creates interest. Imperfect adds interest and perfect is just well, boring.

4. Cooler

If you’re getting married in the summer, you might want to consider a dress with some movement and air flow. Not all dress with movement are automatically lightweight and cool, but I would say a good majority are. Can you imagine a warm summer day with a tight stiff dress and no way to get air flow. No thanks, give me all the movement and flexibility to hike up the dress and stick it over a fan. I had a bride do that at her wedding recently and thank goodness she wore a dress with movement, haha.

5. Freedom.

Dresses with movement and loose skirts are perfect for outdoor weddings and intimate elopements. You can easily go for a hike around the mountains before or after your wedding to capture you and your love in the most epic of landscapes. You can go barefoot on the beach or out in the desert. You can dress them up or keep the gowns a little more casual. You really can customize your day completely from head to toe!

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Are you convinced? If not, it’s ok because when it comes down to it, choose a dress that you feel most beautiful wearing. Choose a dress that stays true to YOU, this is the most important. Your wedding day is all about you and your love, so if you want to wear a jumper, a rust-colored gown or you want to have your wedding at brunch because brunch is your favorite meal of the day, then do it!Don’t be afraid to be unconventional and break away from the popular trends. Be yourself, be carefree and comfortable and have fun! Your wedding day is one you’ll remember and cherish for forever.

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Photography | Kristen Kay Photography

Bridal Bouquet | Sarah Winward

Gown | Leanne Marshall

Styling | Emma Natter

Hair & Makeup | April Benincosa

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