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Once you decide on where you want to elope, you’ll want to first look for your photographer. Your photographer is the most important and one of the only vendors you’ll need to hire. You can begin your search for photographers in your desired elopement location on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google. On Instagram, look for hashtags like #lasvegaselopementphotographer or #vegaselopements to find photographers. Click on their feed and scroll through their recent posts to see if their work resonates with your vision. 

A few tips to keep in mind when hiring your wedding photographer:


Seems simple, but, you’ll want to hire someone you resonate with, someone whose work you love and someone you like. Your wedding photographer is the most important vendor, the person who will be with you and who you entrust to capture your special day. And it’s even more important when you’re eloping, just the two of you.

Your photographer is the only person who will be with you on the day of, the person who will be your witness, the person who will give you advice and help you plan your day! Your photographer will capture and tell the story, for all your family and friends to feel as if they were there to witness your ‘I do’s’.


You’ll want to consider hiring a photographer with a timeless style. Trends come and go, but artistic, high-end, film imagery has always been in style and will look classically beautiful for years to come. Your wedding photographs shouldn’t distract from your day but rather enhance and be a true reflection of your day. The images should be all about your love and commitment to one another.

Years down the road, when you pull out your wedding album to show your grandkids, you want the images to be classic and the colors to be true to life. The times will have changed and your wedding dress might make them giggle, but the style of photography shouldn’t.


It’s ok to splurge on your wedding photographer. It's not ok to go into debt for your wedding or for anything, for that matter. But if you're deciding where to spend more of your budget, I suggest your budget goes towards your photographer. 

Years down the road, ALL you have are the images. Photography is truly priceless. As you grow older and your loved ones grow older you realize just how true this is. The first thing people grab from their home during a natural disaster: photos. Photographs matter, they evoke memories of a time that once was. You’ll sell your dress and you’ll throw out your flowers but you’ll have the beautiful images to remember every last detail.

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Your wedding photos will remind you of the love you shared then and the endless love you have for one another now.

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Once you find someone whose work you love, check out their website, look at their images, read their about page and make sure they are someone you’d get along with.

Reach Out

Fill out the photographer’s inquiry form or email them to get more information. Did they respond in a timely manor? If not, do you really want to work with someone who doesn’t value your time? Life is busy and planning a wedding from afar is no easy task.

Make sure you have the opportunity to view one of their full galleries that is similar to the type of wedding you’re having. It’s important to see how they will capture your day from beginning to end and not just a few images from a portion of the day.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or schedule a call. Not all photographers run their business in the same manner and each photographer has elopement packages that look a little different. Be sure to communicate your desires and needs. Your photographer can suggest a package they already have or create a custom package just for you.

Make a decision

Sit down with your partner, discuss your budget (but don’t be afraid to splurge and consider skimping elsewhere), see who your resonate with and then get your date secured. Spring, summer and fall are heavy wedding season in most of the United States. The winter is quite busy in Las Vegas and other desert regions because the summer is just too hot! Be sure to also let the other photographers you didn't choose know that you went in another direction. It helps them know and not wonder if you're still deciding.

Yay, you’ve booked!

You’re so excited you have selected your wedding photography package and you have your photographer booked. You feel so much less stress and you should treat yourself for doing the research and hiring the most amazing person to photograph your elopement!

Finding your other vendors

Now you can move on to booking your florist, hair and makeup artist and your officiant. Don't worry, this won't be quite as time-consuming. You’ll want to search on social media or see who your photographer has worked with in the past. Be sure to reach out to your photographer too and they might even have a list already made up. I send out my recommended vendor list, with websites and email addresses of several Las Vegas vendors who are the most talented and who I know will take great care of you from the moment you inquire all the way through your wedding day.

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Just remember, you rarely hear of anyone who regretted hiring an incredibly talented wedding photographer. But you hear countless stories of ones who skimped and regretted it. They wish they could tell their younger selves that photos are the most important element of your wedding day and to please hire a talented and timeless photographer!

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