how to find inspiration from within and plan a wedding day with meaning

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Choosing your wedding details from your venue to your dress, the music to your invitation suite can feel overwhelming and seem impossible. There are so many choices and endless ideas. Scroll Pinterest for two minutes and you’ll see what I mean.

You have hundreds, if not thousands of ideas and pins on your wedding board. You’re overwhelmed and don’t even know which ideas to choose.

You want to stay true to who you are and who your partner is, but how? You're looking for a way to narrow it down and create a day that feels authentic and true to who you are as a couple. But what steps do you need to take to make that happen?

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How to get inspired in a world filled with an endless and overwhelming amount of inspiration.

Ever feel like you have too many ideas but they don’t seem to fit together? Or that you’re just taking inspiration from everywhere else? It’s easy to do in our world, where we have access to anything and everything within seconds. Instead of drawing inspiration from the outside, focus on getting inspiration from within, from stories, from who you are, who your partner is and who you are, together.

Sit down and think about your love, think about the adventures you’ve had. Do any stories stand out? How did you meet? What was your first date? Where have you traveled together? What do you do when you both have the day off?

Write down a few ideas and then start to tell those stories. Write down the details and how you felt. Write about what you saw and what you did. When you have a list of a few ideas, go back through the list and choose one story that is the strongest, that you have the deepest connection to, that feels totally, YOU. And then write it well and tell all the details. Once you have it written, look for clues and the details that you can draw inspiration from.

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How to create an authentic,

meaningful wedding celebration:

1. Brainstorm the most memorable stories and times with your love.

2. Look for a common theme in the stories

      Example: Travel, relaxed, making food, etc.

3. Choose one story and write it down how you remembered it:

         What was the mood? What were the details? What did you do together?

4. Sift through the story and pull out the details and inspiration you might be able to use for your wedding day.


         Examples: Your story was relaxed and you want your wedding day to feel the same way. Or on your first date, you had a picnic by the ocean as the sun was setting. So for your cocktail hour, you want to have simple finger foods and a charcuterie board.

Once you have your story, your mood and a few must-have details, it’s time to move to the Pinterest abyss. Now that you have a clearer vision, this shouldn’t be as scary.

How to be productive on Pinterest and gather inspiration.

If you don’t have an account, sign up for one. It’s free! Start a new board, even if you already have a wedding board on Pinterest with a thousand or so pins or even if you just have a few. You can easily transfer a few of the pins from your other boards to your new one if they truly fit your vision. 

When scrolling and searching and pinning on Pinterest, you’ll want to look for textures, light, and inspiration from outside of the wedding world. If you only pin images from everyone else’s big day, your wedding will soon feel like someone else’s. You will compare your day to the images you find. Instead, you want your day to be true and authentic to you. Pin florals that you would like your florist to use and not finished bouquets. Pin dress details that inspire you. Pin locations that are special to you and your love. Pin details that excite you. Pin images that feel the way you want your day to feel. Pin foods that you ate in your story. Pin the mood and vibe from your story.

Are you wanting your day to feel simple, colorful and happy? Or a day with raw and real emotions? Or one that feels elegant and romantic? Look for images and inspiration that communicates those vibes.

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Steps for finding meaningful

wedding inspiration on Pinterest:

1. Start a new Pinterest board

2. Search for elements from your storyfood, mood, textures

3. Find images that fit your story

4. Just pinyou can always edit and delete later

5. Let your board sit for a few days, come back and see if it truly fits your story and meshes well with you as a couple.

Share the inspiration board with your planner and your photographer so they can help you flesh out the details. Be sure to hire the right vendors that create work close to your vision so can have a day that looks and feels like YOU!

How to add details that are unique and meaningful to the two of you as a couple.

What are some details you can add that have meaning beyond what they are? Do you have any heirlooms to add? Sit down and talk to your mom or your grandmother about their wedding day. Ask to see the details they chose and see how you could incorporate a few of those into your day. A few ideas: your grandmother’s veil or handmade ribbon or your great-grandparent’s goblets that are 90 years old.

Or do you wanting something truly unique to deeper you. Like having your friend make you a white bridal romper? Or reading your vows to one another off of handmade paper that you made on a date night together? Or maybe you can have your love surprise you with a first dance song?

Find something special to the two of you. Find a detail or two that have been passed down for generations in your family. Find something unique and unconventional. Find something that has a deeper meaning. And then find ways to incorporate those elements. These thoughtful, meaningful touches will end up being your favorite elements and the most memorable.

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Action steps for

adding meaningful details:

1. Ask your mom or grandparents about their wedding day and what was most memorable.

2. What details do they still have that you could use?

3. Support your friend’s business and have them make you something that is one-of-a-kind and special to the two of you.

Just remember, your day is about you and your love and your commitment to one another. Weddings should be fun and exciting. If you’re not having those warm happy feelings about your wedding day or planning, sit down with your love and talk it through. Write down the details and vendors that are most important to the two of you. Focus on those aspects and worry less about everything else. Don’t get caught up in the details that don’t matter to you. You don’t have to have a cake if that isn’t important to you, you don’t have to toss a bouquet or do a first dance.

There are no rules in weddings, honestly.

Don’t let others distract you with what they think is the most important. Stay true to who you are and what you want because, at the end of the day, that is what truly matters most.

You've got this and your day is going to be amazing!

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