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Leah and Mason decided on a sunrise elopement because they wanted to spend the entire day together as Mr. and Mrs. Isn't that the sweetest? There's something so special about being able to commit to forever in the early morning light. The dawn of a new day and a new beginning as a couple. So much symbolism between sunrises and marriage and I'm so glad these two decided to elope in the wee hours of the morning in the nothingness that is the dry lake beds, just outside of Las Vegas.

Angie, of Peachy Keen Unions, performed a sweet, simple ceremony and the couple shared personal vows, and all the reasons they love each other, as well as memories of their first date road trip out West. Tears flowed down their cheeks, Leah's dress danced in the wind and their shadows seemed to go on forever along the cracked Earth... it was all too perfect.

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Leah shared the reasons why she and Mason decided to elope in the Las Vegas desert and she said it all so beautifully.

'Just three months after Mason and I met, we embarked on a 10-day trip to fulfill my dream of seeing the Grand Canyon and Southwest; here, we fell in love.

The inspiration for our elopement came from the ease and free-flowing joy that we experience when we're together in the desert. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about the desert, but there is a moving dynamic of this seemingly barren earth with a secret underworld of rich, diverse life. An important part of our union was that it be ours - we had already committed to being life partners, and we wanted to enter our marriage in the peace of each other's company.

From our rings that were made to symbolize our complementary natures, to the bouquet that we hand-made the night before our vows, we value creating things and experiences with deep personal meaning.'

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The 3:30 AM wake up time was tough, I won't lie. The hour drive to get to the Dry Lake Beds was long and a tad eerie at that time, but there was also a calmness about it. There was hardly anyone on the road and there was not a soul in sight out in the desert when we arrived. As the sun rose, their simple elopement ceremony began, with tears of love and emotion rolling down Leah's cheek. At this exact moment, in the early morning desert light, I was hooked. Sunrise weddings in the desert are my new absolute favorite to capture!

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Leah and Mason barely made their plane from Boston to Vegas. They had to run through the terminal, arriving just as the doors were about to close. Once arriving they picked up their bouquet, which wasn't what they were wanting, so Leah stayed up late making a new bouquet, which turned out amazing, don't you think? The next morning after they arrived, Leah woke at   2:30 AM to get her hair and make-up done by Sara Ajdahim. (Proof that you really can get married at any hour and on any day in Las Vegas!)

The couple was low on sleep, but that didn't seem to bother these two adventurous souls. And that morning, everything fell into place: the bouquet, the location, the gorgeous sunlight, the long shadows and the wind stopping just in time for rad smoke bomb photos!

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Thank you, Leah and Mason, for choosing me to be part of your wedding day. And thank you for choosing to wed at sunrise. It was beautiful beyond words and one I will surely never forget! Thank you so much for being so adventurous, so fun, so full of love and for getting married your way, out in the Las Vegas desert!

Much love to you both always and forever,



Photography | Kristen Kay Photography

Officiant | Angie, Peachy Keen Unions

Florals | DIY

Hair & Make-up | Sara Ajdahim

Dress | Mod Cloth

Second Shooter | Ro Smith Photography

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