Iowa Engagement Shoot | Wilson Lake & dairy cows | Shannon & Gunnar

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and for Shannon and Gunnar that was the case.  They met in Southeast Iowa where they both call home but were soon separated by many miles while Gunnar was stationed out East. After he finished his time with the Marines, just about a month ago, he moved back home to Iowa. Now these two can enjoy spending time together, taking long drives in Gunnar's truck, just being together and being in love! 


Living states away for most of their relationship makes these two so happy to be living in the same state! 

Their happiness and love for each other was shinning through the entire shoot, both at the beginning when we were wondering around Wilson Lake and at the end, dancing in the pasture. Just look at them glowing! 

Shannon grew up going to Wilson Lake often and not just for school trips like most of us in the area. She did so with her family many times throughout the year, since Wilson Lake was basically her front yard. :) 

Wilson Lake is perfect in the fall time. The trees are changing, leaves are falling and the crisp air feels wonderful!


Just look at that kiss: so romantic, sweet and full of love. They are smiling even while kissing! I LOVE it!

Shannon's family has a large pasture near their house. It has small ponds, trees and wide open grassy fields with a view. It was heaven, honestly. There's no better place to photograph a couple in love, then this location. Hands down. It was perfect! 


The sun was setting, they were dancing in the field, having fun ... could it get any more perfect?

When I found out Shannon was starting her new job working on the family dairy farm, I knew photos of them with the dairy cows was a must! It was the perfect way of ending the shoot with the last little bit of sunlight left in the sky. 


On our way to find the cows, I got a proper tour of the property. I got to see a couple of the 12 or so ponds the previous owner made with his bulldozer, the multiple fields for the cows to graze and even got to learn some interesting facts and tips about raising and milking cows!

I'm so thankful for Gunnar's service to our country and for Shannon's too. I believe it takes two for every one who serves, a person to faithfully stay by their side while they do what most people couldn't and wouldn't dare to do.

You two are a very special couple, with so much joy and love for each other and the world. I'm so excited to photograph your wedding next summer and document your beautiful day, celebrating the endless love you two have for each other!

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